Release 46: Capture Status and other improvements

Capture Status

Increasing visibility into what is and is not being captured is important to set the correct expectations as you move throughout your day. R46 brings a re-imagined TBP icon to inform you of when TBP is picking up an activity and when it is idle. 

You can easily hover over the icon to find out about the specifics of what is being captured and its current duration. Here’s what this would look like:


TBP is idle and is not capturing your activity


TBP is currently capturing your activity

Pro Tip: To get the most out of this feature, we recommend adding the TBP icon into your system tray so it is always visible. Simply drag and drop the icon to re-organize it. 

Reassign Time from a Temporary Matter to a Billing System Matter

Whenever you work on a Matter that is not yet in your Billing System, TBP allows you to create a Temporary Matter to assign your time to until the Matter is available. In R46, we now allow you to re-assign, across days, all of the time you have assigned to this Temporary Matter to the Billing System matter with a couple of clicks. 

Important Note: This feature will be turned off for your firm until everyone is on Release 46 or later. Once that is complete, we can turn the feature on for all Timekeepers.



Pending State Check

There are occasions, such as a drop in internet connectivity when releasing time, where an entry can get into a pending status. This protects you from double releasing your time into your Billing System. With R46, you can check the entry status in the Billing System with a couple of clicks and the correct status will appear within TBP.



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