Feature Guide: Reference Mode

You’ve got your manual timekeeping style nailed. Time by Ping has the best capture system in the market to help you recall your entire workday. 

Reference Mode brings these two together to help you bill more time in less time.

What is Reference Mode?

Reference Mode is a timekeeping mode to support timekeepers like you who prefer to primarily use timers or manual entries to capture the majority of your work.

  • In Reviewer Mode, TBP’s Time Automation software captures all your billable work and then generates a review-ready Timesheet for you, with your activities organized by linked sessions and automatically categorized by Client Matter and Phase Task codes. 
  • In Reference Mode, TBP captures activities but doesn’t categorize them or move them over to Timesheet. The user controls what shows up on the Timesheet.

How do I know I'm in Reference Mode?

An updated header color and "Reference Mode" display on the top right corner.


How does Reference Mode work?

Because TBP is designed to meet you how you think about your time, it has two simple views: 

  • Timeline, a chronological view of your work. This becomes view-only in Reference Mode. 
  • Timesheet, a bill-ready view of your work. This is where most of your interaction happens in Reference Mode. 

In Reference Mode, you can ‘reference’ TBP’s captured activities on your view-only Timeline to recall your day and use it to create time entries in Timesheet for work you may have forgotten.

Recommended Workflows

To make it easy for you to get up to speed with Reference Mode, we have recommended workflows based on your preferred style of timekeeping.

For timer users

  1. Use the timer to create entries (with narratives, work codes, etc.)
  2. Once a timer instance is ready, submit it to the desktop.
  3. Navigate to the desktop and make a final review in Timesheet.
  4. Release your time on Timesheet.

For manual timekeepers

  1. Increase the minimum activity filter to your desired level on Timeline. This allows you to see the work that matters based on size.
  2. Create manual entries using Timeline content as reference material.
  3. Release your time on Timesheet.

For iOS timekeepers

Our companion iOS application is able to create timers and manual entries that populate the product like the above workflows. Make sure to ‘Send to desktop’ to ensure it populates the view as expected.

How do I get into Reference Mode?

You can email support@timebyping.com or reach out to your Customer Success Manager to request Reference Mode.

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