Client / Matter Nicknames

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Using nicknames for your Client / Matters can streamline your time assignment and review processes. 

Client / Matters often have names that are very long or obscured – such as a name with an entire address included. Similarly, some Matters use identical generic names – for example, you may have a “General” or “Admin” matter across multiple clients. TBP allows you to rename Client / Matters so you can quickly identify them and distinguish them in your Current Matters List, Timeline, Timesheet, manual timer, and mobile application.. 

How do I create a nickname for a Client / Matter? 

  1. Open the Matter Settings modal by clicking on the Client / Matter settings cog wherever you see the Matter name:
    • Directly from the Client / Matter header in the Timeline or Timesheet

    • Edit Current Matter List / Daily Timesheet panel 
  2. In the Matter Nickname field enter a nickname. 
  3. Click Save & Close


What if I want to edit, reuse, or delete a nickname? 

  • Nicknames are unique to your login, so you can edit it as often as you like. 
  • New and edited nicknames display immediately throughout TBP.
  • Active nicknames must be unique for your login.
  • Revert to the original Matter name any time by simply removing the nickname.

Does anything happen to the original Matter name in the PMS? 

No. The actual Client Matter name as it was entered in the PMS will show when you view the matter settings panel or hover over the name in the Current Matter List.  Nicknames streamline your own timekeeping but do not display in any billing or reporting. Any Matter nickname you add is unique to your TBP login, but it will be consistent wherever you login, including the TBP mobile app.

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