Release 43: Matter Nicknames and other improvements

Matter Nicknames: Matter Nicknames allow you to add a nickname to a Matter so you can easily identify the Matter by replacing long and confusingly similar Client Matter names, speeding up your assignment workflow.

Any time you want to edit the name of a Client Matter, you can open up the Matter settings by clicking on the settings cog either on the Client Matter header in Timeline or Timesheet or via the Edit Current Matter List. 

Once the Matter settings modal is open, you can add a nickname for the selected Client Matter. Once set and saved, this new nickname will replace the Client Matter name everywhere in the TBP app. 

Other things to note:

  • A nickname can always be edited.
  • Active nicknames must be unique. 
  • A nickname can be reverted to the original Matter name by simply deleting the nickname.
  • When you hover over the name in the Current Matter List, the tooltip will show the actual Client Matter name.


Refresh button now moves you to the current day: When a new day begins, TBP automatically moves you to the current day. Before, the app did not update the Outlook refresh date to this new day. This meant that when you clicked refresh, TBP still searched the prior day for calendar events and mobile emails. This is now fixed so the refresh button works as expected.  

Fewer repeat assignment actions required: We’re always working on enhancing TBP’s reliability. As part of that, now you no longer need to repeatedly hit the re-assign action in the re-assign modal. You only need to click once and then it will either succeed or you will be able to try again.  

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