Release 42: Single Sign-On (SSO) for OneLogin, Okta and ADFS is here

Single Sign-On (SSO): TBP now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for OneLogin, Okta, and ADFS. SSO is an authentication method that allows users to use just one set of credentials to log in to multiple applications and websites. TBP is using the Identity Access Management (IAM) vendor Auth0 and its features to support SSO. 

Email narrative improvements: We have improved captured email activities through narrative and metadata enhancements. There are three main updates:

Remove the actual timekeeper's name from email chain narratives

Before, when an email chain was formed, TBP would add the names of all of the participants of the thread into a single narrative (in To: and CC: fields). However, this also included the actual timekeeper’s name being added, requiring them to manually remove it from the narrative. This update ensures the actual timekeeper’s name will not appear in email narratives.

Ensure email chain narratives follow firm defaults

Whenever an email chain is formed the narrative needs to match the firm default to ensure consistency in TBP’s auto-generated narratives. 

Hover to show participants in CC in the activity details

In Release 40, we added the ability to hover over the activity details to see more information about that activity. For emails, TBP previously only showed the names of participants in the ‘To:’ field but it's now enhanced to include both the ‘To:’ and ‘CC:’ fields to provide better context to the timekeeper.


Tooltips in Calendar view: We’ve added more tooltips in the application for timekeeper clarity, such as the Calendar view. Also, when the Calendar view is open, and a timekeeper has time assigned to a temporary folder, TBP will display a tooltip to inform them of what the dot means. 


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