Duplicate Activity: Steps to Resolve

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Dates affected: 8th Feb - 15th Feb

Issue Overview

Between the dates of 8th - 15th February 2022, TBP noticed an issue where on specific occasions our application was creating duplicate activities and assigning them to different groups. This means that a particular email session will have counted twice in your totals. 

While the impact to your Timesheet (in terms of duration) may be low, we take these issues very seriously and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Your questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome at support@timebyping.com. 

Please find steps outlined below to help you identify and correct any instances of duplicated time. 

Steps to Resolve

  1. Your firm’s IT team will receive an email from TBP showing the particular activities affected on each day.
  2. Please navigate to the day where the duplication occurred.
  3. We recommend assigning all of your time on your Timeline tab first.
  4. Then, navigate to your Timesheet tab.
  5. Use the search box at the top to search for each instance of the duplicated activity.
  6. The search results will show the corresponding entries (you may need to expand a group to identify the activity, and you will notice that the activity will form a part of two separate groups).
  7. Determine which group the activity belongs to.
  8. For the other, incorrect group, use the individual ungroup icon to separate the activity in question. 
  9. That activity will be removed from the group and TBP will rectify the duplication

Video Steps 

The video overview below demonstrates what this will look like. 


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