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If you create a group of Activities/Entries where you have edited the narratives yourself (At TBP, we call this Manually Generated Narrative - MGN's for short) before grouping, all the narratives will append to each other, separated by a semicolon. 

If you then ungroup an Activity/Entry individually, the narrative of the ungrouped Activity/Entry will persist on the prior group. 

For example:

  1. You group together Activities/Entries with manually edited narratives of 'Phone call', 'Meeting' and 'Research'
  2. You will see one new group with the narrative: 'Phone call; Meeting; Research'
  3. If you ungroup 'Phone Call' from the group you will have the following:
    • One group with 'Phone call; Meeting; Research' as the narrative
    • One Activity/Entry with 'Phone Call'

The total duration for both groups will be accurate. It's just the narratives that will need editing. 

Please see our 'How to edit narratives' article to find out more about narratives. 


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