How to Bulk Edit your Entries

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Make quick updates across a range of Entries on your Timesheet. 

We know there are actions you want to take across multiple entries such as adding a Phase and Task Code or an Action code. Time by Ping (TBP) allows you to do just that by selecting entries on your Timesheet view and adding codes to multiple entries. 

How do I make bulk edits? 

Currently, this is only available on your Timesheet view, but once you select 2 or more entries, you will notice a  mceclip1.png  appear on your Selection panel. 

Once clicked, you will be able to add/edit the PT codes and the Action codes for the selected entries. Once you click close or click anywhere else in the application, we will save the edits and apply them to the entries.



What happens if I select entries across Client / Matters? 

Great question. Currently, TBP has the following rules:

  • Entries selected from the same Client / Matter = Apply edits to both PT Codes and Action Codes
  • Entries selected from different Client / Matters = Apply edits to only Action Codes



What happens if I select entries which already have the same PT Code applied? 

If you select bulk edit with entries that already have the same PT Codes, we will persist that in the selection box. This will allow you to edit Action codes individually, or even change the PT Codes if you desire. 


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