Release 41: Bulk edit on Timesheet, Confirm delete, and more

Release 41 includes important stability and performance upgrades in addition to the following improvements:

  • Bulk edit on Timesheet: You can bulk edit work codes for selected entries on your Timesheet. For entries selected from the same Client Matter, you can edit both PT codes and Action/Activity codes. For entries selected across multiple Client Matters, you can only edit Action/Activity codes. 



For 3E and Elite environments, bulk editing across matters is not possible due to the unique nature of the codes assigned to the Client Matter. Bulk editing will only be available for entries that belong to the same Matter.

  • Confirm delete: A confirmation modal will pop up when you attempt to delete assigned activities. This will ensure that an activity does not get deleted and irrecoverable by accident. The modal will let you know how many activities or entries you are about to delete as well as their total duration. 


  • Current Matter List and Daily Timesheet Panel Parity: In prior releases we have made functionality improvements to the Daily Timesheet panel (Create Entry, Matter Sort) to help you complete tasks at speed. In Release 41, we have made the relationship between the Daily Timesheet panel and the Current Matter List (CML) much more tightly aligned. Here’s a list of improvements we’ve made: 
    • On your CML, all of the Matters you have time assigned to will be sorted at the top, with all the other Matters that are part of your CML added underneath. This will help you get a holistic view of your day in terms of time totals split across Matters as well as allow for even quicker assignment of activities. It will also replicate the behavior of the Daily Timesheet panel.
    • You can now edit your active client matters directly from the Daily Timesheet panel.
    • You can now edit your active client matters using our quick add/remove option on the Daily Timesheet panel.

Any change you make in either view - Daily Timesheet panel or Current Matter List - will be reflected in the other. 

  • Spinner to show when app is loading: You will see a loading spinner to denote that the application is still working and hasn’t frozen. The spinner will show up when your day is loading, you save an activity or entry you created manually, and when you run a firmwide search in the Create Activity, Create Entry, and Edit CML modals. 


  • All edits saved automatically: Any edits you make to your Timeline or Timesheet will be saved automatically, regardless of which action you complete after the edit. 

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