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As you move through your day Time by Ping (TBP) picks up a lot of information about your captured activities and we want to show you all of this information to give you as much context as possible so you can make accurate billing decisions. 

In order to keep your Timeline & Timesheet views as tidy as possible, TBP exposes only part of the activity details on the activity or entry line item. However, if you hover over the item, you will see a box appear to show all of the activity details that TBP has captured. For example, you may have a calendar event captured that only shows 2 participant names in the activity detail, but on hover you can see everyone who joined the meeting. 



What activity details are captured per activity?

  • Emails: Who the email was received from or sent to, including those in the ‘To:’field. (When the email is a reply thread it also includes those in the ‘CC:’field)
  • Research Sessions: The tab title of the research session
  • Calendar Events: The participants of the event 
  • Documents: The software the document work was completed in
  • Phone Calls: The name/number you called or received a call from

Please see our How we Capture Your Time article for more information on exactly what is captured. 


Where is this available?

This is available on all activities/entries on both your Timeline and Timesheet views. 

Individual Activities on Timeline

For those individual activities, you will see the activity details on the line item as shown below:


Grouped Activities on Timeline

On those activities that form a group on Timeline, you will have to expose the group to see the activity details. Like so:


Entries on Timesheet

On your Timesheet view, we expose the narrative for the entry and the associated Phase, Task, Action, and Activity codes, so if you want to see the activity details for that entry you will have to open the entry, like so:


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