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It’s common that consecutive captured activities could belong to the same Client / Matter, so TBP allows you to quickly assign any unassigned time that falls immediately before or after a categorized activity.  You can do this through one simple click using the: Previous / Next feature.

Time by Ping (TBP) categorizes as many Email and Document Activities as possible to their Client / Matter as long as it passes our confidence threshold. For those that cannot be assigned, we place them on the Timeline as unassigned activities at the time the activity occurred and ask you to assign the correct Client / Matter. 

Knowing that you may have been completing a work block for the same Client / Matter over a consecutive timespan, TBP now allows you to quickly assign any unassigned activities to the Matter immediately before or after in one click. 

Simply hover over the ‘Plus’ icon above an unassigned activity and click assign. 


When does this show up?

You will see this feature appear for all of those unassigned activities that sit immediately before or after an assigned activity and it will update dynamically as you start to assign individual activities. 


Can I assign multiple in one go?

For right now, you can only assign one activity at a time.


Add to Previous / Next & Timeline Filters

This feature will work if you have the unassigned time checkbox from your Current Matter List selected. 

However, if you are using your Minimum Activity filters and an assigned activity immediately before or after is collapsed, as it is less than your chosen filter, the option to quickly assign to that Client / Matter will not be available. 

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