Release 40: Add to Previous/Next, Cleaner Email Narratives, and More!


  • Add to Previous/Next: Any time TBP captures time but doesn’t assign a matter to it, there’s now an option to assign to it the matter that occurs before or after it. This gels neatly with our chronological view by allowing you to take cues from matter-assigned time on a day to categorize adjacent activity that cannot be identified.


  • Cleaner email narratives: We’re always working to improve our auto-generated narratives so you can use them with a minimum of modification. With Release 40, TBP will dynamically update email narratives with the names of all participants in an email thread, keeping our details up-to-date as the conversation grows.
  • Temporary Matter indication: With Release 39 you got a bird’s-eye view of release status for every day of the month and the current week. Building on that, we have added another layer of information to indicate days where you have time assigned to a Temporary Matter. This helps you quickly identify the days with Temporary Matter time, allowing you to reassign this time to an approved matter that can be released to your billing system. A black dot on your calendar view will highlight days where time has been assigned to a Temporary Matter. Note: Temporary Matters were originally called Pending Matters.
  • Hover for full activity details: TBP captures detailed context around an activity to help you make accurate decisions about your time. To keep your interface neat and organized, we only highlight some of that information in your Timeline and Timesheet views. Now you can hover over activity details for additional context so you can make accurate billing decisions and narrative edits where appropriate.
  • Right-hand panel scroll: The right-hand panel was static in prior versions of TBP, and you could only scroll within the Current Matter List. Now you can scroll the entire right panel for easier access to all your current matters and make quick decisions on assigning correct matters to your captured time.


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