Daily Release Status: View your Week and Month at a Glance

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Ensuring the time you spend in Time by Ping (TBP) is spent with intention. 

TBP’s goal is to help our Timekeepers to Bill More time, in Less Time

The goal of our Release Status feature is to show you the status of every day so you know which days you have fully released and which days require further attention to ensure all of your time (and hard work!) is accounted for and released prior to the billing period being closed.

Any day which has captured time, assigned to a Client / Matter that is unreleased will be marked as yellow. And any day you have released all of your assigned time will be marked as green. 

We show this to you in two ways:

  1. Via a month view so you can see you entire month at a glance
  2. Via a week view so you know which days in the week require attention 

What does this mean to you? Well, any day that is yellow you should review to ensure you don’t miss time that should be charged. And any day in green will likely mean that day is fully accounted for and you don’t need to review it again. 

That’s not all - On your month view, you will also see the total number of hours in Billable Increments captured and assigned for each day. 


What is an Unreleased Day?

When a day has time assigned to a client matter but is unreleased, TBP will indicate that day as ‘needs review’ therefore the day will be highlighted yellow. 

Note: This status does not account for any unassigned time. It is only looking at those entries on your Timesheet which have not been released yet. 


What is a Released Day?

When a day has all assigned time released, TBP will indicate that day as ‘fully released’ therefore the day will be highlighted green. 

Note: This status does not account for any unassigned time. It will be green if every entry on your Timesheet is released to the PMS. 


What About Unassigned Time?

Release status does not account for unassigned time. We don’t want to force you to have to delete all unassigned activities on your Timeline in order to show a fully released day. This daily status is only looking at the entries from your Timesheet and whether they have been released or not. 


Where can I see these Distinctions? 

Monthly View

If you click on the calendar icon in the global header, this will pull up the our month view window. Here you can:

  • See the current month
  • See the status of each day of the current month
    • Quickly see days with unassigned time, marked with a dot
  • See the daily totals for each day at a glance
  • Navigate to previous months


Week View

Underneath the date you will see our week view which will show the release status of each day of that week. Here you can:

  • See the status of each day of the current week
  • Navigate to any day in the current week

This week view is dynamic and if you navigate to a day in a prior week, the week view will show for the entire week from the selected day. 

Note: Release status doesn’t show for the current day on week view, but will in the calendar view



Daily Totals via the Month View

When you have the month view modal open you will be able to see your daily totals at a glance across a monthly view. This will show you how much time has been captured on each individual day across the month you have selected. Some things to note:

  • The daily totals on the calendar view will show how much time is captured on the Timesheet, but won’t account for any unassigned time on the Timeline. 
  • On the calendar view, a day where no time is captured on the Timesheet tab, the day will show ‘--’.

Can I see days where I have time assigned to a Pending Matter?

Yes! We want to inform you of those days where you have time captured, but assigned to a temporary Client / Matter so that you can quickly find those days and re-assign the captured time to the real Client / Matter once it is ready. Those days are indicated on your Month View with a dot icon, like so:


For more information, please see our article Assign Time to Temporary Matters.


How Quickly Will it Update?

Release status for a day is dynamic and will update accordingly once the day’s status changes. This is not immediate but will update after a final release action is taken for the day. If you want to see it immediately, you can manually refresh the day. 


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