Location Codes: Assign Location Automatically

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Not every firm needs Location Codes in their Timesheets. But for those that do, Time by Ping can assign them for you automatically.

Some firms require certain information like Location Codes in their Timesheets, so we’ve automated that process to make it more efficient when releasing your billable time. If your firm requires it, Time by Ping (TBP) will assign a Location Code to every Entry in your Timesheet before it’s released to the Practice Management System (PMS).


What’s a Location Code?

A Location Code lets your firm’s PMS know where in the world you’ve completed your work. We automate Location Codes by adding them to both you and your firm and applying these by default to the Entries you release.

You’ll find your Location Code in the top-right corner of your Release Confirmation modal:


And, once allocated, on the right-hand side of each released Entry:



How do Location Codes work?

Not all firms require Location Codes but, for those that do, there are two ways a Timekeeper is assigned a location code:

  • To each individual Timekeeper – set for each individual lawyer in the PMS depending on where they work 
  • To the Firm – set at the firm level depending on where their office is located 

Every individual Timekeeper will have a default Location Code. If you have one set up in the PMS, TBP will assign this to every entry you release from your Timesheet. If you don’t have one set up individually, we’ll default to using your firm's Location Code.

You can also change any Location Code directly on the relevant Entry in your Timesheet, as long as you select one that’s already set up in the PMS. 

When you release time, you can:

  • Assign one Location Code to all the time you want to release in that moment 
  • Assign different Location Codes to each Entry in your Timesheet as you release them individually in the same day

The Location Code is assigned once you click ‘Confirm & Release’.


How can I change a Location Code?

When you go to release time to the PMS on the Release Confirmation modal, simply:

  1. Click on the Location Code box.
  2. Either select an entry from the dropdown or click in the search box and start typing. Because it’s dynamic the box will narrow your options to relevant matches as you type. You can choose from Location Codes already set in the PMS.
  3. Click on the relevant Location Code and then on ‘Confirm & Release’.


Next time you go to release time, TBP reverts back to your default Location Code.

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