How To Edit Your Captured Time

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A step-by-step walkthrough of how to edit Activities in your Timeline and Entries in your Timesheet.

We built Time by Ping (TBP) to automate as much of your timekeeping as possible and populate your Timeline with all the information available for each Activity we capture. But we also give you the flexibility to edit this information to make sure you’re happy with your Timesheet. Here’s how.


What information can I edit in my captured time?

You can edit all the information associated with your captured time: 

Client / Matter

You can assign and re-assign a Client / Matter to an Activity in just a few simple steps. We walk you through how in our How to Assign & Re-assign Your Time article.


Once an Activity has a Client / Matter assigned to it, TBP automatically generates a Narrative for you. You can edit the Narrative at any point before you release your time to the Practice Management System (PMS). Read our How To Edit Narratives article for details on how.

Work Codes

We understand how important, and often critical, Work Codes can be to make an Entry compliant. For all firms using Aderant, we predict the PT Code for every captured Activity. But like everything else in TBP, you can edit your Work Codes at any point before releasing your time to the PMS.


See below and the rest of this article!


How do I edit the duration of an Activity in my Timeline?

The duration of an Activity appears in hours, minutes and seconds. You can edit the duration of any Assigned Activity or group of Activities in your Timeline:

  1. Click on the Activity or group of Activities you want to edit and the Client / Matter box will display on the right-hand side of your TBP window, above your Current Matter list (CML) 
  2. In the Client / Matter box, click ‘Edit Details’
  3. For a single Activity:
    • The Client / Matter box will expand to show your start and stop times. Click in either to change the time and TBP will automatically recalculate the duration for you and save your edits. Click ‘Close’ and you’ll see the changes to the Activity in your Timeline straight away.
  4. For multiple Activities:
    • The Client / Matter box will expand to show your total duration for the group of Activities. Click ‘Edit’ and the ‘Edit Group Duration’ modal will display with the start and stop time for each Activity. Click in the boxes you want to change the time for. Click ‘Save & Close’.


How do I edit the duration of an Entry in my Timesheet?

Any Assigned Activity becomes an Entry in your Timesheet. The duration of an Entry shows in Billing Increments associated with the client or matter. To edit the duration, simply:

  1. Click on an Entry and you’ll see the Client / Matter box display on the right-hand side of your TBP window
  2. In the Client / Matter box, click ‘Edit Details’ 
  3. The Client / Matter box will expand to show your total duration in hours, minutes and seconds as well as in Billing Increments. Click in the box to type or use the up/down arrows to increase or decrease the Billing Increments and TBP will automatically recalculate the duration and save the edits for you. 



Increment Adjustments on Timesheet

When you edit the duration of an Entry on Timesheet you will be making a billable increment adjustment. 

When you expand an edited Entry in your Timesheet, you’ll see all of the Activities that make up the Entry and with them a new line called ‘Adjustment by Timekeeper (Up / Down)’. This shows how much you’ve adjusted the Entry duration by in hours, minutes and seconds. 

The ‘Adjustment by Timekeeper’ Bar is only visible in your TBP and isn’t sent to the PMS

If you want to revert the adjustment back to the original increment, you’ll notice a 24icon_Trash_400Grey_2x.png next to the duration – click on it and your entry will revert back to its original duration. 


Good to know

  • Any edits you make to an Entry duration in your Timesheet won’t be reflected in the corresponding Activity in your Timeline because an Entry has no start and stop time

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