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What’s New

Monthly Release Status at a Glance

In previous versions of TBP, you had to navigate through each day’s Timesheet to see which days required your attention. Now, R39 gives you a bird’s eye view of release status for every day of the month and the current week. 

Click on the calendar icon beside the weekly view. Dates in yellow indicate there is unreleased time on that day. Dates in green indicate that all the time assigned to relevant matters is released. You can also see the total number of billable increments accrued against matters for each day. From here, you can navigate to a specific day to prepare your timesheet for release




Note: Release status does not account for unassigned time, i.e., activity on your Timeline that has not yet been assigned to a client matter. 

Make more informed decisions in Timesheet view

Some of you have told us that you prefer to prepare your time in your Timesheet view instead of Timeline. To support this, we’ve added details to your Timesheet that you could previously only see in Timeline, such as timestamps for the activities that make up an entry as well as its total duration. This additional context will help inform how you adjust your billable time to best represent the work you’ve done.



What’s Improved

  • Timesheet view now allows you to create an entry for a client matter directly from the Daily Timesheet Panel. Click the plus next to a Matter to speed up entry creation.
  • All the matters on your Current Matter List from Timeline are now reflected in your Daily Timesheet Panel. Matters that have time assigned to them appear on the top of this list, followed by matters that don’t have time assigned. Use this new list to help you quickly reassign time within Timesheet.
  • Select activities across multiple client matters in Timeline to assign or reassign them to the correct client matter. This improvement allows you to expedite matter assignment in bulk
  • To select a list of consecutive activities, click to select one activity, hold Shift, and select the last activity. Once selected, you can act upon this bulk selection by reassigning it to to the appropriate client matter or editing its details. Note: This feature is for Timeline only and works nicely with our search bar. 
  • Before, you had to write every character in a timestamp correctly. To save you time, Time by Ping autocorrects the start time and end time. For instance, you can write 1415 and it will autocorrect to 2:15pm. 
  • Unassigned time is no longer grey. It’s now highlighted more clearly in yellow to help you quickly assign relevant client matters to time that has been captured but not auto-assigned. 
  • Any time you select a group of activities, you will see all the activities in a day that make up that group highlighted (in their matching matter color) on the Timeline Navigation bar on top. 



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