What if I can't see Client Matter Colors in TBP

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If you are on TBP Release 38 onwards and can't see Client / Matter colors associated with your Matters, the first check should be to ensure your matters are permanent members of your Current Matter List (CML). 

This is how a Client / Matter inherits a color; by becoming a permanent member of the CML. 

Follow the steps below to solve your issue:

If you have Client / Matters in your CML already

  1. Hover over the Client / Matter in your list and you'll notice either a plus.png or a cross.png
  2. The plus.png means it is temporary and needs to be added as a permanent member
  3. The cross.png means it is already permanent
  4. If you see the plus, click on it and you should see the Matter inherit a color.


If you see the cross.png and it doesn't have a color, try removing and then re-adding, and if it still doesn't have a color, please reach out to support@timebyping.com and we can help you out further. 

Please note: If you have created a Temporary Matter then this will always be gray and not inherit a color. 

For more information, please read our Client / Matter Colors: Identify Clients & Matters Easily article to find out more about how the feature works. 

You can also reference our Current Matter List: Make Every Day Easier to see how the CML works. 

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