Timeline vs. Timesheet

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A quick look at the difference between your two main views: Timeline and Timesheet. And how they help you release your time quicker and easier than ever.

Accurate timekeeping is a complex business. Tracking what you did when and for who, laying it all out coherently and having a simple, trustworthy resource to refer to are all problems lawyers (and many other professionals) have struggled with for time immemorial. 

Time by Ping (TBP) addresses all of these concerns and more. Not only do we track your time but we also lay out all the relevant information for your activity in two definitive views: Timeline and Timesheet.

Research and experience has taught us that separating out your Timeline and Timesheet is the most helpful way for you to find, view and edit all your activity, so you can check and release your time more quickly.

What’s the difference between my Timeline and my Timesheet?


Your Timeline displays every Activity you’ve completed in a single day in chronological order. We built it to give you the most comprehensive and understandable framework from which to recall each day because when we see things in time order it helps us contextualize and remember details better. 

As TBP captures your Activities, it will either predict and assign the Client / Matter the work belongs to or leave it Unassigned for you to add the Client / Matter later. TBP will also, where applicable, generate a Narrative and make Work Code predictions to add as much information as possible without you having to do a thing. 

Sitting just above your Timeline (and only visible when you’re in your Timeline view) is the Global Navigation Bar (GNB):


This gives you a clear snapshot of your entire day and shows any gaps in your Timeline so you can manually add any Activities and make sure your day is fully accounted for. 


Your Timesheet is your bill view. All of your Activities are shown in the form of Entries and are organized alphabetically by Client / Matter with each showing the time you’ve spent working on a given matter that day, as well as the daily total. It’s here you make any final edits, complete your Timesheet and release your time to the Practice Management System (PMS). 

What can I do in my Timeline and Timesheet?

In your Timeline, you can:

  1. View your Activities in chronological order
  2. See the duration of all Activities in hours, minutes and seconds
  3. Identify and fill in any gaps in your time
  4. Assign a Client / Matter
  5. Delete any Activities you don’t want to bill for
  6. Edit details for any assigned Activity
  7. Group Activities together 
  8. Filter by Client / Matter
  9. Search for Activities in your Timeline
  10. See the Release Status of each Activity 
  11. See each activities narrative
  12. See the activity type for each Activity 
  13. See unassigned activities 
  14. Edit your Current Matter List
  15. Adjust the Minimum Activity Filter
  16. Create a Manual Activity
  17. Create an activity from Open Time


In your Timesheet, you can:

  1. View your Entries by Client / Matter
  2. See the duration of all Entries in billable increments
  3. Review and edit all details for any Entry
  4. Group Entries 
  5. Re-assign Entries
  6. Add a manual Entry
  7. View Daily Totals split by Billable / Non-billable and Matters
  8. Search Entries 
  9. See the Release Status of each Entry  
  10. Delete Entries
  11. Release Entries
  12. See PT Codes for each entry
  13. See the narratives for each entry
  14. See the number of activities that make up an entry
  15. See the individual entry totals in increments
  16. See the total duration for each Client Matter
  17. Create an Entry
  18. Create an Entry directly from the Daily Timesheet panel


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