Matter Pre-Load: Get up and Running with TBP Quickly (Aderant Only)

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A quick walk through First Time Load, our automatic and convenient service for loading matters and populating your Current Matter List using Aderant.

From the moment you start using Time by Ping (TBP) we want you to see its full potential and understand how powerful a tool it is in making your timekeeping easy and efficient.

A great example of this comes the very first time you sign in when your firm is using Aderant. TBP has a First Time Load feature that automatically searches your firm’s Aderant Practice Management System (PMS) and loads your most recent Clients / Matters for you, saving you set-up time so you can get to work right away. 

As its name suggests, First Time Load only works the first time you log in to TBP. If you want to add to your CML at a later point, we’ve made it quick and easy to add and remove a Client / Matter from your CML. Read our Current Matter List: Make Every Day Easier guide to find out more.


What happens when I first sign in to Time by Ping?

If your firm is integrating with TBP using Aderant, when you sign in for the first time TBP will:

  • Search the PMS – and load every Client / Matter you’ve released time to in the last 20 days into the local TBP directory so you won’t need to search for the PMS again. This can take a little time but a progress indicator keeps you updated and trust us, it’s far quicker than if you had to do it manually!
  • Populate your Current Matter List (CML) – with those Clients / Matters you’ve released time to in the last 10 days. We’ll add them as permanent members of your CML so they’ll stay there until you choose to remove them. If there’s a Client / Matter missing or that’s surplus to your requirements, you can add and remove one in a few simple steps.

Not only does this give you a running start and save you time but it also:

  • Helps TBP start to learn which Activities to assign to which Client / Matters
  • Means you can start assigning Activities using your CML straight away



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