How to Select & Deselect Activities & Entries

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A quick way to select and take action on as many Activities or Entries as you want.

To help you review and prepare your captured Activities and Entries for release more easily, Time by Ping (TBP) makes it simple to select and deselect one or many in just a click or two. Depending on what Activities or Entries you’ve selected, you’ll be able to carry out different actions for each. Here, we describe what you can do.


How do I select an Activity or Entry?

Whether you’re in your Timeline or Timesheet, to select just one Activity or Entry click anywhere on the Activity or Entry bar:



How do I select multiple Activities or Entries?

Whether you’re in your Timeline or Timesheet, to select multiple Activities or Entries:

  1. Click anywhere on an Activity or Entry bar you want to select
  2. Click on the icons of the other Activity or Entry bars you also want to select


In Timeline, you are also able to use Shift + Click to select a consecutive range of activities. Like so:


Once you’ve selected multiple Activities or Entries, you can carry out a range of group actions:


Can I select Activities or Entries across Matters?

Great question! On both Timeline and Timesheet you are able to select across Matters. However, when you do this your editing functionality is limited. When this occurs, you can:

  • Timeline: Re-assign
  • Timesheet: Re-assign or Release

Note that you are currently not able to edit if you select Activities or Entries across Matters. 


How do I select all related Activities or Entries?

Easily, with Smart Select. In your Timeline or Timesheet, simply:

  1. Click on any Assigned Activity or Entry for the Client / Matter you want to group and you’ll see the Client / Matter box display on the right-hand side of your TBP window
  2. Check the ‘Select all activities' or ‘Select all entries’ box and Smart Select will select all the Activities or Entries associated with that Client / Matter for that day


Alternatively, in your Timesheet just click on the Client / Matter header to select all the related Entries:


Once you’ve selected all Activities or Entries, you can carry out a range of group actions:


How do I deselect an Activity or Entry?

Just click on the icon of any selected Activity in your Timeline or Entry in your Timesheet and it will deselect from any others selected.


You can also use your selection panel to deselect activities. Like so:



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