Client / Matter Colors: Identify Clients & Matters Easily

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Our new Client / Matter Colors feature makes managing your time keeping easier than ever. 

We know you’re usually working for lots of different Clients / Matters concurrently and need to context shift a lot throughout your day. This can make your Timeline busy with lots of Activities spread across many Clients / Matters.

To make it even quicker and easier to review and understand what work you’ve done for which Client / Matter, we’ve introduced Client / Matter Colors to your Timeline and Timesheet. A fast, functional way to keep track of your captured time.

What are Client / Matter Colors?

We’ve created a color coding system where Time by Ping (TBP) assigns a color to every Client / Matter you add permanently to your Current Matter List (CML). 

Each time TBP assigns a color to a Client / Matter, all the Activities and Entries related to it are highlighted in that color across your Timeline and Timesheet and in several other places we detail below.

Where can I see Client / Matter Colors?

Client / Matter Colors make it easy to identify different Clients / Matters in both your Timeline and Timesheet, so you can always find all the associated Activities and Entries at a glance.

In your Timeline view you’ll see them in:

  1. Client / Matter Header
  2. Filter checkbox 
  3. Assign / Re-assign plus.png icon
  4. Timestamp indicator
  5. Client / Matter Box
  6. Activity icon


As well as when selecting a Client / Matter after creating an Activity:


And in the folder color when editing a matter in your CML:


And in collapsed Activities when searching in your Timeline:



In your Timesheet view you’ll see them in:

  1. Client / Matter Header
  2. Filter checkbox 
  3. Assign / Re-assign plus.png icon
  4. Client / Matter Box
  5. Entry icon


As well as when selecting a Client / Matter after creating an Entry:



How are Client / Matter Colors assigned?

Every time you add a Client / Matter to your CML as a permanent member, TBP assigns it a color. A permanent member means you add a Client / Matter from your firm’s Practice Management System (PMS) to your CML where it remains each day until you manually remove it. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Via your CML


  • Via the Assign / Re-assign flow


  • When you search firmwide to create an Activity


  • When you search firmwide to Create an Entry



How many Client / Matter Colors are there?

Time by Ping has 25 colors that can be assigned to a Client / Matter, which work on rotation.

These colors are ranked 1 to 25 and every time a new Client / Matter is added to TBP, it inherits the next color in the list. Once we get to color 25, we start again at color one. 


Can I change an assigned Client / Matter Color?

Once a Client / Matter inherits a color, it remains permanent for the lifecycle of the Client / Matter and can’t be changed.

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