Release 36: Quick Delete for Assigned Activities, Standalone Manual Timer Activities and more

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In addition to some major backend improvements, this release includes more details in suggested narratives, phase and task code predictions, the ability to capture time in any application, and a bevy of usability improvements designed to make it even easier to quickly understand and organize the day’s activity. Read on for details!

Automation Improvements

Participant names in narratives

One of the key aspects of creating a Timesheet at speed is writing compliant narratives quickly. You told us that adding participant names is one element you often need in your narratives, so we have now added participant names to email activities and meetings. The rules are:

  • Email narrative: Correspondence with [Email Participants] regarding [Email Title]
  • Meeting narrative: Conference with [Meeting participants] regarding [Meeting Title]

Note: These narratives are customizable by firm, so they may not match exactly with your experience.


PT code predictions for firms on Aderant Only

We know that some matters require you to add phase and task codes to your entries, so we have added our phase and task code prediction model to Timeline to speed up this process for you. As always, you can modify any predicted phase or task code to your liking.

Additional capture

Ensuring that your entire day is captured is the foundation of Time by Ping, so we have added the ability to capture more of your time by adding additional applications to our capture technology. You will see these activities appear at the appropriate timestamp in your Timeline as individual activities for the duration that you are working in the app. If we’re not already capturing something you use often, let us know so we can add it for you!

Usability Improvements

Quick delete for assigned activities

We know that even though an activity or entry is assigned to a client matter, you might still want to delete it—as easily as possible. In two clicks, you can now select an activity or entry and use the quick delete option in the panel on the right-hand side. 

Improved Timeline legibility  

We know you work hard, and we know this leads to a lot of captured activities on your Timeline. That’s a good thing until it becomes too much to manage, so we have made a variety of improvements to make those busy days easier to organize:

  1. We have reduced the space between activities;
  2. We have tightened the boundaries of the activities when they appear on your Timeline;
  3. We have aligned icons and text to improve readability; and
  4. We will show you the total number of activities in a group at that moment in time.

All of the above will help manage your captured activities at speed to see more activities at once.

Improved rules on what makes up the Current Matter List

The Current Matter List is your best friend; it’ll allow you to quickly assign and filter your Timeline, but in order to do that, all of your current matters need to be part of that list. To help you with that, any client matter to which you assign time via the manual assignment flow will be added to the list as a permanent member (if it’s not there already). 

Standalone manual timer activities

Timers will no longer split activities that fall within the boundaries of an active timer. With this release, timers will be standalone and will fall at their relevant timestamps and any other captured activity will still show on the Timeline. 

Helpful action tooltips

In order to educate you on some of the key actions you can take in Time by Ping, we have added tooltips that appear when you hover your pointer over those areas that might need a little more explanation.Screen_Shot_2021-10-19_at_8.50.12_AM.png

Search by narratives and activity details

Search has become more powerful than it was before. Know what you’re looking for? You can now search your Timeline view using keywords from narratives and an activity’s information. This will allow you to find what you’re looking for more quickly and reliably.

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