Release 38: Automation and Usability Improvements

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We’ve been hard at work on usability improvements across the platform, and this release really shows it! It includes beautiful color-coded matters, cleaner narratives, pre-population for your Current Matters List, and many small tweaks designed to make it easier to understand and organize your day. Read on for details! 


Automation Improvements

Current Matter Preloading for firms on Aderant only

We want you to be set up and ready to use TBP from the moment you get access. This feature will give you a head start by automatically pre-populating your Current Matters List with any client matters you have released to in the last 10 days—before you even started using TBP!

Cleaner Auto-generated Narratives

TBP uses elements of your emails and documents to automatically generate narratives for you. There are some pieces we know you don’t want in those narratives, however, so now we automatically suppress items like:

  • “FW: / RE:” from email subject lines
  • “[Compatibility Mode]” from document titles
  • File extensions (e.g., “.docx”)


Usability Improvements

Client Matter Colors

We know that you do lots of context-shifting throughout your long days at work, leading to a Timeline that has a lot of activities populated for many different matters. To make it easier to organize that time as you look back at your day, we’ve added color-coding for each matter that carries across both Timeline and Timesheet views.


Timesheet Quick Reassign

Sometimes you need to change the assignment for a given time entry from one client matter to another. We’ve greatly simplified the number of steps it takes to do this on your Timesheet, from 6 clicks to 2! Now you can simply select the entry, and then select the + button next to the client matter you wish to reassign the entry to in the “Daily Timesheet” panel on the right-hand side. 

Note that the “Daily Timesheet” panel only shows the matters you have already assigned time to on the current day; if you wish to reassign to a matter not on that list, you can use the traditional reassignment option under the three-dot menu on the upper right-hand side of the Timesheet view.

Search Loading Animation

Depending on your query, it may take some time to retrieve results when conducting a “firmwide search” for client matters through TBP. We’ve added a simple animation to that process to help you see that the search is still running and not stalled.

Flow for Assigning Unassigned Activity

We’ve noticed that many of you like to process all unassigned activity at once, filtering to show all “Unassigned Time” on the Timeline and then assigning each of those activities to the relevant client matter in one flow. Previously, the “Unassigned Time” filter selection would turn off after each assignment or deletion of an unassigned activity, breaking up that flow, so now we’ve made it persist instead. This should make it even easier to ensure that all of your time is properly accounted for!


Client Matter Differentiation

Some client matter names are hard to tell apart from others, with beginnings, endings, or even entire names that are identical. To make it easier to distinguish them, we’ve made three key enhancements:

  1. Client matter numbers: we’ve added client matter numbers alongside client and matter names throughout the application.
  2. Middle ellipsis: we’ve ellipsized long client matter names to ensure you can always see the beginning and end of the name.
  3. Hover text: we’ve added a tooltip that reveals the full client matter name whenever you hover over it on the Current Matters List.

New Permanent Current Matters List Members

When you manually create an activity or an entry for a client matter that’s not already on your Current Matters List, that’s a sign it’s important to you, so now that action will automatically add this new matter as a permanent member of the CML. When you no longer want it there, you can manually remove it from the list as you would any other item.

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