Smart Select: Quickly Group & Edit Similar Activities

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Smart Select lets you complete bulk actions in less time – here’s how.

True to our mantra of saving you time, we want you to spend as little as is necessary actually using Time by Ping (TBP). That’s why we created our Smart Select feature – a simple way to select all related Activities, Entries or Unassigned Time in just one click. 

What is Smart Select?

Smart Select is designed to help you spend less time working through your Timeline and Timesheet. So, rather than selecting Activities or Entries individually, you can easily select all related work for a Client / Matter in your Timeline or Timesheet in just one click. It’s a particularly useful tool for block billers who release one Entry per Client / Matter per day and it even works for Unassigned Time too.

With Smart Select you can:

  • Quickly group and edit Activities and Entries
  • Quickly assign Unassigned Activities
  • Release your time in bulk more quickly and efficiently

How do I use Smart Select?

Smart Select works the same way in both your Timeline and Timesheet, although the information you see will change slightly depending on your view (as you can see in the annotations below). 

For Assigned Time

  1. Click on any Assigned Activity in your Timeline or Entry in your Timesheet and the Client / Matter box will pop up on the right of your TBP window. This appears above your Current Matters List (CML) if you’re in your Timeline or above your Daily Timesheet if you’re in your TimesheetScreen_Cast_2021-10-15_at_4.25.21_PM.gif
  2. In the Client / Matter box, you can see either your selected Activity and duration in hours, minutes and seconds or Entry in billing increments. Underneath this, alongside the ‘Select all...’ checkbox, you can see the total time or billing increments for all other Activities or Entries relating to that Client / Matter for that day – excluding the one already selected
  3. Check ‘Select All Activities’ if you’re in your Timeline or ‘Select All Entries’ if you’re in your Timesheet and the Client / Matter box will update with aggregates of the newly selected Activities or Entries. The updates will be: 

  4. Check ‘Group and Edit’ to group all your Activities or Entries together and edit them in one go

For Unassigned Time

An Unassigned Activity cannot appear in your Timesheet, so you can only use Smart Select for Unassigned Time via your Timeline. With Smart Select you can very quickly select all Unassigned Time for that day and Assign it to a single Client / Matter in just a couple of clicks. 

  1. Select an Unassigned Activity in your Timeline and the Unassigned Matter box pops up to the right of your TBP window, above your CML
  2. In the Unassigned Matter box, you can see your selected Unassigned Activity and the duration for that activity in hours, minutes and seconds. Underneath this, alongside the ‘Select all activities’ checkbox, you can see the total time for all other Unassigned Activities for that day – excluding the one already selected
  3. Check ‘Select all activities’ to select all other Unassigned Activities for that day and you’ll notice some changes in the Unassigned Matter box: 
  4. As these are Unassigned Activities, the only thing you can do here is assign them. Just click [plus button] next to the Client / Matter in your Current Matter List to assign all Unassigned time. 
  5. Or, if you need to add the Client / Matter from the Practice Management System (PMS), click the ‘Assign’ button in the Unassigned Matter box to carry out a firmwide search.

Unselect Time

If you want to unselect all Activities or Entries, simply untick the ‘Select All Entries’ or ‘Select All Activities’ checkbox. TBP will revert to your original selection of Activities or Entries before the checkbox was ticked.

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