Minimum Activity: Filter & Assign Your Time

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A quick way to manage your Timeline Activity by duration making it easier to account for every minute you work.

Just because you spend your days working on multiple matters for numerous clients shouldn’t mean it’s tough to track how you’ve spent your time in granular detail. Your Time by Ping (TBP) Timeline already gives you an accurate holistic view of how you’ve spent your day, but to make things even simpler we’ve taken it one step further and given you the ability to filter that Activity by duration. This way, TBP lets you choose the duration that best suits how you work so you can, for example, focus first on assigning the bigger chunks of your day before zooming in to accurately assign the shorter durations.

What’s a Minimum Activity filter?

Our Minimum Activity filter is an easy, instant way to filter any Activity in your Timeline according to how long you worked on it. To make it easy to use, TBP offers a series of set filter durations easily accessible via the Minimum Activity dropdown to the right of your Global Navigation Bar:


How does my Minimum Activity filter work?

We know you work fast, so TBP captures any Activity that lasts 30 seconds or longer. 

To keep things more manageable, we’ve set the default Minimum Activity filter to two minutes on first use, though if you change it that new duration will persist. This means TBP shows any Activity that lasts two minutes or longer in your Timeline and collapses any Activity that lasts between 30 seconds and two minutes, like so:



Any consecutive Activities that fall below your chosen Minimum Activity filter duration will combine into one Activity bar set to the timestamp of the first Activity:


This way, TBP keeps all your Activity tidy, accessible and in chronological order so you can focus and prioritize your Timeline exactly how you want to.

How do I change my Minimum Activity filter?

You can change your filter at any time by clicking on the arrow in the Minimum Activity dropdown and selecting your preferred duration. When you do this, that duration will remain as your setting until you change it again.

Screen_Cast_2021-10-01_at_3.53.44_PM.gifIn your Minimum Activity filter dropdown, you can select from:

  • 30s – No Activities will be collapsed
  • 60s – Activities shorter than 60s are collapsed
  • 2m – Activities shorter than 2m are collapsed
  • 6m – Activities shorter than 6m are collapsed
  • 10m – Activities shorter than 10m are collapsed
  • 15m – Activities shorter than 15m are collapsed

How does my Minimum Activity filter work with Linked Sessions?

Great question! A Linked Session describes a group of Activities that relate to the same work. For instance, if you work on the same document at different points in your day or respond on the same email chain, every time you work on it TBP captures your time and creates an Activity. Because TBP can tell the work is being done on the same piece of work, it groups all your Activities into a Linked Session. 

TBP wants to make sure all your time is fully accounted for so you can bill accurately, so your Minimum Activity filter will always look at the total time for the Linked Session because it’s all connected to the same task. 

So, if you set your Minimum Activity filter to two minutes and the total duration for the Linked Session is five minutes, you’ll still see every Activity in that Linked Session – even if they have a duration of less than two minutes. Select one and TBP will automatically select every Activity in the Linked Session. 

Does my Minimum Activity filter cover all Activities?

There are two things the Minimum Activity filter doesn’t cover in TBP:

  • Desktop timers submitted to your Timeline
  • Mobile Activities including timers and manually created Activities submitted to your Timeline

This is because if you’ve manually created an Activity it’s highly likely you want that time to be accounted for, so we’ll always show it to you.

What happens if I change my Minimum Activity filter with an Activity already selected?

If you’ve selected an Activity in your Timeline and then change your Minimum Activity filter to a duration that’s longer than the selected Activity, it will remain selected but in a collapsed state that looks like this:


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