What do all the buttons at the top of my Time by Ping window do?

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No matter if you’re in your Timeline or Timesheet, you’ll notice the top bar of Time by Ping (TBP) doesn’t change. We call this your Global Nav Bar, as it gives you quick access to common actions.

On the left-hand side from left to right:

  • Time by Ping logo: hover over this to see what version of TBP you're currently using.
  • Weekly navigation: from Monday to Sunday, click on the relevant day to see your Timeline or Timesheet from that day
  • Sync and refresh: click to force a sync of all TBP information. TBP automatically syncs every 15 seconds anyway, but this button will force it on request
  • Daily navigation arrows: click to move back or forward one day. The double arrow will always bring you back to today


On the right-hand side from left to right:

  • Timer: click to recall your Manual Timer board to the front of all other applications, or if you've closed it, to reopen and bring it to the front
  • Support: click to get help and give feedback. It will bring you to ZenDesk (where you are now!) where you can either submit a support ticket for us to help you with, give us feedback, or seek out additional training via these FAQs, our TBP guides, or our tutorials
  • Your initials: not clickable - just here to remind you who you are!


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