How do I edit my Current Matters List?

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In the Timeline tab, the Current Matters List gives you quick access to the clients and matters you assign time to most frequently.

There are 2 ways that a client or matter (C/M) appears on your list: 

1. Automatically (but temporarily): Whenever one or more of your current work day's activities is assigned to a client or matter (C/M), that C/M will appear in your Current Matters panel. By listing it here, our goal is to make it easy to assign other activities in the day to the same C/M. Note: these matters will only be listed for the current day and will fall off on subsequent days until time is categorized to that same C/M again.

2. Manually (but permanently): You can choose to add a C/M to the list for good (like pinning or bookmarking it), meaning it will be listed every day until you choose to remove it, regardless of whether time is currently assigned:

  • In the "Hadley v. Baxendale" example below, a "+" on the righthand side gives you an option to lock a temporary C/M to the list. This means it will continue to appear on future days whether or not you have time assigned to the "Hadley v. Baxendale" matter.
  • In the "Marbury v. Madison" example, an "X" appears (rather than a "+") to indicate that the matter is already included permanently. You can click the "X" to remove it from the list.


Using the Firmwide Search to Build Your Current Matters List

We recommend building your Current Matters List when you begin using Time by Ping, since it keeps your C/Ms close by and allows for quick categorization. You can use the pencil icon to search for the C/Ms you assign time to most (e.g. client-related, general/admin). 


In the Edit window, you can perform a firmwide search to find the C/Ms you're looking for. Then click the "+" next to the sample matter below to add it to the list:



After clicking the "+", it appears on the lefthand panel, which includes all of the C/Ms in the Current Matters List. Any of the matters can easily be removed by clicking the "X".


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