How do I leverage the Open Time feature on my Timeline?

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Use your Timeline to identify Open Time opportunities and fill in the work you've done.

View the workflow below:

Here are step-by step-instructions:

1. When working in TBP on Timeline View, take a look at your blue Time Bar running horizontally across the top of your Timeline.


2. On your Time Bar, periods with activities will be represented with dark blue and any time periods greater than 12 minutes without any activities will be represented by a gap in the Time Bar (see below). This is an Open Time opportunity.


3. By clicking within the open spot on the Time Bar, you will be navigated to that point in your Timeline. You will see an open time opportunity. 


4. Using the activities above, below, and the time of day for contextual clues, you can fill in this time easily by clicking Create Activity.


5. From there, you can assign a client and matter, then write your narrative for the work, and the Open Time has been accounted for.


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