How do I find my unassigned time in Time by Ping?

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Use the Current Matters List to filter your timeline and identify the unassigned activities.

View the workflow below:

Here are step-by step-instructions:

1. In the Timeline tab, navigate to the right-hand side of and find your Current Matters List. At the top of your list, you'll always find "Unassigned Time." Click the checkbox next to Unassigned Time to filter your Timeline and find the activities which still need a client and matter to be assigned.


2. When you check the box next to Unassigned Time, you'll notice all of the already-assigned activities (that have a client and matter) remain as a source of context, but are made smaller and collapsed, calling out the unassigned activities for you to find. You'll also notice unassigned activities are called out with an orange icon to stand out visually. In addition, the Timeline Navigation Bar at the top of your screen will call out these unassigned times with dark blue, so you can see where they exist throughout your day. From here, you can select and assign these activities with one click.





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