Why isn't Time by Ping automatically logging me in?

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Your Machine's Networking wasn't connected

On occasion, Time by Ping will start up before your machine’s networking is set up and connected. This means that our auto-login feature will not allow you to log in as you normally do.

When this happens, you can simply restart Time By Ping, and provided your internet connection is established, you will be automatically logged in. See instructions below to restart the program.


Restarting the app to connect your machine's networking connections will allow auto-login to work once again.

Mismatched SAM Account Name

Another reason why Time by Ping is is not logging the user automatically could be due to the SAM account name.

TBP validates a timekeeper login by using the SAM account name. The SAM account name is case sensitive and has to match exactly what we have listed for the Timekeeper in the Management Console.

If you believe this to be the issue, please contact Support support@timebyping.com and we can assist you in checking the validity of the SAM account name. 



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