How do I use the grouping and ungrouping features to consolidate my time?

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Grouping allows you to consolidate time entries and simplify narratives. A few notes to keep in mind:
  • Billing hygiene: Grouping is helpful for billing hygiene and timesheet organization, in cases where you may wish to consolidate sets of related tasks and narratives under a single client matter.
  • Duration aggregation: When entries are grouped, individual durations are aggregated and treated as a single entry for billing purposes (i.e. three activities with durations of 55 secs, 3 mins, and 1 min will be consolidated into a single billing increment of 0.1). 
  • Narrative simplification: For up to 5 activities, narratives will be concatenated with a semi-colon inserted between the original narratives. In cases where more than 5 activities are grouped, the narrative will be left blank and you will have the opportunity to write a new narrative. 
How to Group (Timeline tab):
1. Use the Timeline tab to categorize activities to the same client matter. (Leverage the Current Matters List for quick access to the matters you work on frequently.)
2. Click on the icons on the left-hand side (in blue below) to select the entries you wish to group. Once you have selected multiple activities under the same client matter, use the "Group and Edit" option on the right-hand side. The activities will be consolidated into a single item, and you can update the narrative so it applies to the activities you grouped.
How to Group (Timesheet tab):
1. Use the Timesheet tab to easy identify all activities that have been assigned to the same client matter. Below are two entries that we will group into one:
2. Click on the far-left icons (in blue) to select both entries. Once both entries are selected under the same client / matter, the "Group" option appears in the right-hand panel:
3. After selecting Group, note that durations have been aggregated and, where applicable, narratives have been concatenated: 
How to Ungroup:
1. To ungroup all grouped entries, open the three-dot menu on the right-hand panel and select "Ungroup".
2. If you wish to remove a single entry from the group instead, click on the drop-down group header (shown in blue below) to see all individual entries: 
3. Then use the ungroup icon to remove the selected entry from the group. It will still appear under the same client / matter, but will no longer be consolidated with the other entries.

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