How do I reassign a client / matter to multiple activities?

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In the case of Temporary matters or updated matter names, you may need to reassign time. Leverage your Current Matters List to identify all of a day's activities pertaining to a certain client matter, and then assign a new matter to all of them at once. 
First, navigate to the Timeline tab. Find your original client matter (the one to which you have already assigned time) included in your Current Matters List.
Use the checkbox to quickly identify activities categorized to that matter. Clicking the checkbox will automatically select all of the day's activities that are currently assigned to the matter. 
(Note: The checkboxes will appear when there are no activities selected. Click on a highlighted activity to deselect it, and note that the checkboxes should appear next to matters in the Current Matters List.)
To reassign the time to another matter in your Current Matters List, just select the plus sign next to the new matter:
If your new matter does not appear in your Current Matters List, you can also select the "Re-assign" option in the modal on the upper-right of the application and locate it through the firm-wide search. 

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