Why are my time entries not getting categorized correctly?

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Users may sometimes point out that their time entries are getting categorized under the wrong matter.  The categorization of matters comes from the Time by Ping monitoring the DMS and from Ping’s AI. Here is a brief explanation of how categorization works.

DMS before AI

In the hierarchy of knowledge sources, we value the DMS over the AI engine. When documents are being filed through the DMS, this gives us a more or less solid indication of what the matter should be. Except for edge cases, Time by Ping will skip going to the AI engine and pick up the categorization from the DMS correctly. For situations that do not involve documents (like emails, phone calls, research), or edge cases with documents, Time by Ping will trigger its AI engine to make a prediction.

How our AI works

Time by Ping’s AI uses your prior activities for a given matter to understand which matter the current work should be assigned. There are two main reasons a time entry may not get categorized:

New matters: For new matters, a user does need to release a few entries for a given matter before it can start to understand what work belongs to the new matter. The longer you work on a matter, the more the system understands what is unique about this matter and the more accurate it can categorize the work.

Time entries without enough information: When the AI doesn’t have enough information, rather than make a wild guess, it lets the user fill in the correct matter.  For example, if you send an email that has very few case-specific details to an internal associate asking for advice, the AI may not be able to match the email to a specific matter.

Occasionally, the AI will suggest the wrong matter because aspects of the current works seems like prior work that was associated with another matter.  When this happens and you correct the matter ID, the system will learn from this correction.

We are working on improving our AI at Time by Ping all the time. Every day we are working to make the algorithm learn faster, to do more with less information, and more accurately. As the AI improves, it happens without any need for you to update your software.



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