Does Time by Ping capture my personal activity?

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Time by Ping attempts to minimize capturing any personal activity. However, sometimes this may show up in your timesheet depending on the activity. Some examples:

  • When browsing on the web, we only monitor websites the firm indicates as billable websites such as LexisNexis or Westlaw. We don’t track personal web browsing.
  • If you open a personal document this will show up in Time by Ping
  • If you make a personal phone call from your desk phone, this will be picked up in Time by Ping
  • If you have a personal appointment on your work Outlook calendar, this will appear in Time by Ping

If any personal activities appear on a user's timesheet, they have the block functionality to stop Time by Ping from tracking these details again in the future. A user can also use the delete function to remove this from their timesheet.


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