My work is not getting tracked, what should I do?

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We recommend going back and forth a day to ensure that there weren't any recall issues with the work, and if the entries are in fact showing up a day earlier or later than remembered.

If that does not resolve the issue, please email with the subject "Time entries not getting picked up (Tier 3 Emergency)". Include the following information:

  • User information: User's full name or email address
  • Date of issue: When did this issue occur?
  • Session type: Email, Word document, PDF, Excel workbook, PowerPoint presentation, Calendar event, Phone call
  • Text to look for: Title of document/meeting OR the subject of an email (please redact any information we should not be seeing).
  • Kind of issue: Which of the following issues was it:
    • Item not tracked at all
    • Item tracked but with an incorrect duration
    • Item categorized to an incorrect matter even though it was filed in the DMS


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